I met Goldens for the first time in the house of my American friends. Having lived with two Goldens under the same roof I understood that they are not mere dogs, they are teachers, friends, children and members of the family. So having decided that future life without Goldens would be impossible on August 12 1998 I brought from Moscow in a large green bag two pups - Onore D'Alon Gerda and Onore D'Alon Gаutier, who became Gerda and Katya. In such a way "young children" appeared in our family.

Katya and Gerda

Katya and Gerda. 12 years of love

And now they are already 12 years old... My beloved girls! Be healthy, please!
I couldn't imagine that I will become "the dog person" as I am called nowadays by my children, that I will be the owner of the kennel. I couldn't understand what is pedigree, didn't know the meaning of the words "stance" and "standard", and persistently declared that I will never show my dogs! Imagine how Gods were laughing!
Katya and Gerda grew up and became beautiful, kind and clever , besides they have gained many titles.

Onore D' Alon Gerda
Inter., Rus., Ukr., Lit.,Ger., VDH, Grand., Club, RKF Ch.,Trialer,
Best Brood Bitch 2003, 2004, 2005

Gerda is a wise dog and she has a golden heart. I can speak about her endlessly. But you should see her! In the field, in the forest and surely in the water. When we walk along the Gulf shore Gerda just for the pleasure swims along the shore for a number of kilometers. On one incident she has swum over horizon and returned with a bunch of bananas.
And you should hear how she purrs fairy-tales for her children…

From the next to last Gerda's litter we left Ambergold GK Day Dream, or Yolk as we call her.
Gerda does not like shows but she has numerous titles and nowadays she wins in veterans. Her children are also very successful:
3 International Champions and 14 Champions of different countries. Thank you, Gerda!

Onore D' Alon Gerda
Inter.Ch. Onore D' Alon Gerda - BIG-1, BOB, BIS Veteran-2!
10 years.

I intimately knew two Goldens who are inborn leaders. They are Gerda's firstborn Marik (Ambergold GK Admirable Amulette), who is the first Golden who was born in our kennel and Yolk. Even externally they are much alike. Both are clever and both are individuals, but Yolk is something special.
Perpetum mobile does exist and it is inside our Yolk!
Yolk has an inquiring mind and is very sociable, she is fearless and most of all likes swimming and adventures.
In the nearest future she'll become a full grown-up and Gerda will trust her the pack.
People often ask me about her name. It's simple: she had a yellow thread when she was a pup, so this name stuck to her.

Ambergold GK Day Dream

Inter., Rus., Bel.,Grand., Club, Jun.Rus.Ch. Jun.Club Winner,Trialer
Ambergold GK Day Dream (Yolk)


Onore D' Alon Gautier
Rus.Ch., Trialer

Katyusha is a charmer and a coquette. My friends say that she is a real beauty in a luxurious fur coat.
She likes to watch football and love-stories on TV. She is a romantic and fearless creature. Her show career was cut abruptly because
of the serious ankle injury. A surgical operation was held. And we are very grateful to Tamara Ignatyeva- Heiremans and Valentin Evdokimov who helped to cure her.
On April the 5th 2008 after very long pause Katya showed on the ring and became the best veteran!
In 2000 we registered our kennel. "AMBERGOLD GK". "GK" because my Golden life has begun with Gerda and Katya. They brought much love and joy to our house, and the pups accumulated people who has become my friends.


Xanthos Orinoco
Xanthos Orinoco

In spring 2003 there appeared Orinoko because two Goldens are better than one, and three Goldens are better than two. She was born on 24 February 2003 in a very famous English kennel "Xanthos". I brought her home when she was absolutely tiny in the same green bag. On this picture she is a month older, but even then she could do stance. Orinoko brilliantly began her career and still continues it.
We would like to thank Mrs.Heather Morss from Xanthos kennel, for letting us have that gorgeous girl.

Ch. Xanthos Orinoco - BEST IN SHOW!

Orinoсo is a real lady and is not deprived of pedagogical and literary talents. She has brought up four litters of Katya's and Gerda's children then her own four litters and now she persuades me to write to her dictation a new version of "Pedagogical Poem". Orinoco's daughter - Ambergold GK Kiss by Kiss stays in our Golden family. When Basya was 10 months old she won the most prestigious and the most representative Russian Golden Retriever Show - the IIId National Golden retriever show and became a young Champion.
At the age of 16th months Basya has gathered all titles of Russia!

Ambergold GK Kiss By Kiss
Ambergold GK Kiss by Kiss. ( Basya )

Basya's brother Casper has become a Young champion of Europe at the European Championship 2006.
Nowadays he also is Interchampion and Multichampion.

Ambergold GK Keep Cool
фото© Minna Outinen
Ch. Ambergold GK Keep Cool - Junior European Winner!

Xanthos Pickpocket

Rus.,Fin.Ch., Trialer
Xanthos Pickpocket ( Fred )

Fred (Ch.Xanthos Pickpocket) was born in the same kennel as Orinoco and only two weeks older. He is very friendly, kind and well-bred. Fred is a champion of Russia and Finland and has an International Working Certificate. Fred was born in England and brought up in Belgium in the Lyndiewood kennel. We are very grateful to Guy and Myriam Van Den Bossche-Dooms for their allowing us to bring Fred to Russia.

Xanthos Pickpocket
Fred. Four monts


Seven Goldens are better than six. So let us to introduce the youngest one

Ambergold GK Remain As It Is
Ambergold GK Remain As It Is


Ambergold GK Remain As It Is

Ambergold GK Remain As It Is - Best Baby of Breed! Best Baby In Show!

Now Miki is Russian, Belarus and Latvia Champion, Trialer.

By the way may be eight Goldens are better than seven. What would you say?



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