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10 Февраль 2011


Having returned from the wood we discovered the following:


Surely we were lucky that we were out when the snow avalanche came down.

Little Sanya likes to play under the shed, Katya likes to lie down there and our polar explorer Yolk just sleeps there


Goldens decided not to attack a snow hill and passed round it along the wall one after another...


A little bit later Yolk occupies her favourite position “above everyone”, and Orinoсo demands new snowballs


I managed to persuade myself that there were more urgent things to do, and winter day is short.

It becomes even more gloomy when it became darker


Orinoco always demands snowballs


I finished with the snow by midnight.

And now we lead a civilized way of life – we go out and into the house freely, not crawling over the snow hills –

just in and out!


Gerda really likes it!


And Sanya now has a special duty – she is on guard


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