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Winter walks

11 Декабрь 2010

10 декабря 2010


Short story about our morning walk for five+ kilometres...


Big Boars' Meadow. And further on by feet and paws


Wood trails are absolutely covered by snow. There's the only one which was trod by our paws


But Goldens surely dive into the virgin snow.


And swim there!


Strange as it is but the brooks are not covered by ice and each crossing becomes an adventure


Only Gerda never steps into the water. All the rest wash their paws...

and again wash them...


Snow dunes are formed by the wind on the openings. And we have accustomed to...

Lukasik fell through the snow, Ira followed his example but nevertheless continued to take pictures!



Our route takes about five and a half kilometres.


What a joy to observe playing Goldens! But they do it only for the first half of a walk...


Then they become calmer and behave themselves without excesses


Only the youngest ones constantly try to dive




Going home!





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