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Golden sapiens Orinoco!

14 Июль 2010

14 July 2010

Orinoco needed only three days.

At first she enthusiastically jumped after the stream of water from the hose together with all others.

On the second day she delicately tried to take the hose away from me.

As all Goldens are similar to monkeys in a way the whole pack including puppies started to take the hose away from me.

On the third day Orinoko approached me, took me by the hand and led me to the well.

Her daughter Tina behaves herself alike. She also wants to take me somewhere.

Orinoco takes me directly to the well and then eloquently looks at me – switch on.

Children naturally follow their mother. And she pours water over them!!!

Matveika has won. I left my unsuccessful attempts to put him in a stand on the table. And now he with great pleasure jumps on it from the sofa and lies down on it with a royal dignity.


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